Mailing List Policies and Etiquette


  • Privacy

    The ACO-list email addresses will not be redistributed.

  • Advertisements

    The ACO-list does not allow advertisements per se, although simple announcements of new products or services is allowed.

    ACO-list will welcome conference announcements and job positions to be posted if relevant to the field.


  • Copyright and ACO-list

    Permission is granted to copy ACO-list emails (or parts thereof) for research purposes, as long as these copies are not sold. If you wish to sell copies (or parts thereof), you must obtain permission from the current moderators and all submitters of that material.
    The ACO-list is a forum for informal discussion. Individual submissions (or parts thereof) should not be quoted and cited in text without the permission of the author. If you include private email from another person, please obtain permission from that person.

  • Redistribution Policy

    Messages will be treated in a first-in first-out order, but they will be grouped in batches. There may be a delay between your submission and the distribution to the list. Please be patient and remember that the ACO-list is maintained on a volunteer basis.

  • Appropriate subjects

    All submissions to ACO-list should directly pertain to the fields of ant colony optimization, ant algorithms and swarm intelligence. They should be polite, and as concise as possible. Please take the time to format your message neatly in plain text using a 80 column page. Please also avoid using dashes as separators since we use them to separate submissions.

  • Attention to Mailing Addresses

    Please be careful to send messages to the correct email address as follows:

    For those of you who have a change of email address, please give both your new and old addresses, so that we can delete the old address from our database.

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